Some supplemental reading material.  More about the past, than the present.

Reference Material

Historical Photos

 - Japan -
  • Hashima Island (端島, "軍艦島") photos
    • Coal mining island near Nagasaki, owned by Mitsubishi
    • Once had the highest population density in the world
    • Not nuclear-related, but I'm sure you can spot a few parallels
  • Memories for the Future panoramic photos (Japanese site - more comprehensive)
    • Comparison of before/after Google streetviews of Japan showing the extent of the destruction of the quake / tsunami
    • Very stunning how some regions are just... gone.
 Natori, Miyagi Prefecture (before)
 Natori, Miyagi Prefecture (after)

- US -

  • Minuteman Missile National Historic Site panoramic photos
    • This is a relatively modern site, and others similar to it are still in use today.
    • Well-preserved; tours offered by the National Parks Service.
    • Very amusing cold war wall art here, on the blast door and corridor.
  • Titan Missile Museum panoramic photos
    • The Titan's fuel could not be stored in the rocket, requiring a large support facility.
    • These were among the largest underground bases ever built.
    • The last well-preserved Titan site.  Operated by the airmen once stationed there.
  • Titan I Tour photos / historical documents
    • Even larger than the above Titan II complex, there is not a single preserved site left
    • They look somewhat less appealing rusted and covered in asbestos
    • Excellent contrast with the preserved museum above
  • Hanford B Reactor panoramic photos
    • The first reactor dedicated to plutonium production.
    • An interesting juxtaposition of massive scale and primitive technology.
  • NS Savannah panoramic photos
    • First civilian nuclear powered ship, a demonstration for a new era that never came.
    • Ultimately it failed due to the cost of nuclear propulsion vs. diesel for its size.

- Russia / USSR -

  • Pripyat / Chernobyl photos
    • Pretty good set that hits most of the major landmarks
    • Note: Geiger counter is measuring 1.4 mR/h on the moss, not R/h as incorrectly captioned.
  • Kursk NPP photos [Ads at bottom NSFW]
    • Russian RBMK-1000 reactor, same model used at Chernobyl
    • All shiny and clean and still operating
    • Ironically, the last photo shows them training for the Fukushima scenario
  • Soviet Missile Silo (R-12U/R-14U) photos
    • Rough translations (by me, and I'm terrible at it)
      • Image 16: Do not light fire! Dangerous to life!
      • Image 21: Power Rack, On/Off
      • Image 30: Check performance of protective gear
      • Image 32: Before moving service platforms and silo hatch, contact the launch officer (not too sure about this one)
      • Image 33: When leaving the silo, close the elevators and doors
      • Image 34: Releases poison!
      • Image 39: Newspaper is Izvestia, not Pravda as incorrectly captioned
        • Headlines: "Every work hour- harvest!", "Clear rhythm", "Shock watch farmers" (whatever that is)
      • Image 40: Driver-taxied, to the firing line