User Action Shots

Version 1.1.1 on an iPad, next to a Gamma Scout and calibrated Ludlum 3 by Drax.

Version 1.1.1 on an iPad, next to a CDV-700 by Apotheoun.  (YouTube)

Schematic for using the headset input by Osamu Higuchi.  He notes:

"At first, I was trying to connect the output to mic input through
decoupling capacitor, but iPhone did not detect the signal. Then, I
happened to realize that I should have connect without the capacitor,
and it worked. The point is that you should connect iPhone's mic input
to the resistor without a decoupling capacitor.
It seems that iPhone detects DC load to switch input to external mic.
Otherwise, it would pick up hum noise just by being touched on the mic
terminal on the earphone jack.
The points of this schematic are:
- Divide the output voltage (in this case, about 9Vp-p) down to about 0.1V
- Do not decouple the output and iPhone mic input. Let the DC bias on
iPhone mic input drop"

Version 1.3.4, 1.3.4a on an iPad 2, by Laurent Lieben

By routing a Monster earphone (as mic) from the Geiger counter's speaker through the iPad's headset in jack, the majority of noise and volume issues are eliminated with no soldering or electronics work.  A clever hybrid solution.

If you would like your setup to be featured here, please email me, I always think it's cool to see Geiger Bot in action.


iPad 1 and 2 comparison running 1.3.2 beta
The sources (polycrase, smoke detector core)
 Settings (1.3.2)
Geiger Bot version 0






 English (1.3.2)
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Note: the above screenshots are a bit out of date.  Please see the documentation or main page for more up-to-date images.

Fukushima Imagery - Thermal Satellite Images

As a little side project of mine, here are three thermal images from the USGS' Landsat 7.  This is the "high gain" thermal IR band (62).

Note all images are consistently colored for temperature and can be directly compared.

 2011-02-23 2011-03-11 2011-03-27
Note the lukewarm discharge of cooling water from the plants.

Thermal cannot penetrate water.
Note how the coast has gone dark/wet.
Still some flooding present.  Plants remain dark.


In case you couldn't find them:

Labeled crop of 2011-03-11 middle section
The JSDF has aerial thermal images of Fukushima from 2011-03-20 here.

Bottom: spent fuel storage, 62 C
Top: reactor vessel, 108 C

Comparison -- False Color IR "Land-Water Boundary" (4-5-3)

These images are false-color infrared in order to better show areas of flooding which will appear dark.

 Image Channel Spectrum Landsat 7 Band
 Near IR
 SWIR1 (just past near IR)
 Visible Red

 2011-02-23 2011-03-11 2012-03-27
 "Normal"Note the extensive flooding 
The surprising thing here is how much of the flooding is still present.

Newer Fukushima Imagery

 Fukushima 1
Fukushima 1
New Buildings Constructed
 Fukushima 1
New Building Constructed
Pan-sharpened to 10m resolution.Many buildings in lower-left quad constructed since 2011-04-04.  Large building under construction.

Neither these nor the next building are on Google or Bing Maps (yet).
Construction completed on large new building.

According to TEPCO, this is the "Radioactive Waste Treatment System" which decontaminates low-level water discharge.

 EO-1 Bands: 7-5-4*  EO-1 Bands: 7-5-4* EO-1 Bands: 7-5-4*

*approximately equal to Landsat 5 TM bands 4-3-2




 Chernobyl / Pripyat
Prompt Criticality and Meltdown
 Chernobyl / Pripyat
Prompt Criticality and Meltdown
 New York City
Terrorism - Aircraft Crash
Most fires have been extinguished.
Same base image as the previous, but with thermal IR.
Pan-sharpened to 10m resolution.
 Landsat 5 Bands: 7-4-2 Landsat 5 Bands: 6-2-1
 EO-1 Bands: 10-8-2**

**approximately equal to Landsat 5 bands 7-5-1



 Northern California
Natural Wildfire
 Northern California
Natural Wildfire
 Northern California
Natural Wildfire
 "True color" visible spectrum.
False color IR with visible blue.Single band: thermal infrared.
 Landsat 7 Bands: 30-20-10 Landsat 7 Bands: 70-50-10 Landsat 7 Band: 61


Earthquake and Tsunami
 New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina - Flooding
 Norilsk, Russia
Industrial Activity
Fuel depot fire, east coast.Heavy flooding easily visible.Nickel mine/smelter.  Differences in color indicate dead trees.
 Landsat 7 Band: 61 Landsat 5 Bands: 4-5-3Landsat 5 Bands: 7-4-3 

All imagery was freely attained via and is courtesy of NASA / USGS.