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5. OS/Platform

Currently, Geiger Bot is only available for iOS devices (iOS 6+).

For older versions of iOS that are no longer supported, recent changes by Apple allow you to download a previous version that should work with your device.

iOS 7 Compatibility Information - Microphone Permissions 

iOS 7 introduces microphone permissions, which applies to input connected via the headset jack as well.

If you choose to deny microphone permissions in iOS 7, Geiger Bot will unable to acquire any input.  In 1.7.0, permission denied status is displayed very clearly over the main numeric display.

To restore permissions in iOS 7, enable > Privacy > Geiger Bot > Microphone:



iOS 5 Compatibility Information

1.6.9 is the last version of Geiger Bot compatible with iOS 5.  This was unexpected; however, the stability issues I encountered with Apple Maps in iOS 7 forced me to adopt Google Maps instead, which requires iOS 6 minimum.

iOS 4.3.1 Compatibility Information

1.6.9 is the last version of Geiger Bot compatible with iOS 4.3.1.

iOS 3.1.3 Compatibility Information

Unfortunately as of September 2012 Geiger Bot no longer works with:
  • iOS 3.1.3
  • ARMv6 architecture devices (ie, iPhone 1)
This is due to changes in the iOS development tools than were released with iOS 6.  Prior to this point, to my knowledge, at least parts of Geiger Bot would run on even the oldest hardware.

iPad Differences

Generally speaking the iPad version is identical with some interface elements spread out to take advantage of the larger screen instead of having to navigating through screens.  The main UI of the iPhone version is preserved in a HP28S-like virtual unit.

    - no display screen selection button
    - instead, two graphs are displayed simultaneously
    - graph 1: audio graph / histogram
    - graph 2: CPS / CPM graph

GPS coordinates
    - display continuously in their own window (if GPS is enabled)

    - displayed simultaneously next to the main LCD.  Can be hidden by tapping it.

Background image
    - several background images are available for selection

 Android / Platform Support Mini-FAQ
When will Geiger Bot be available for Android?

Unfortunately, probably not any time in the foreseeable future, and this applies to other platforms as well.

The reason comes down to simply time; I alone have just enough to support an iOS version.

I like Google products-- note this page is hosted by Google-- and own a Droid X.  If there was a magic compiler option in XCode for an Android release, I would certainly use it.

Could someone else port it?

Not easily.  The majority of what Geiger Bot does is heavily tied to iOS-specific frameworks. It would almost all have to be rewritten.

What about similar apps for Android?

I am not aware of any general click counter apps for Android similar to Geiger Bot that are available on Google Play.